Waterfalls Of Ontario

   You must read the 'Terms of Use'    before using this site...    Stay safe!    Don't trespass!    Pack it out!

   You must read the 'Terms of Use'    before using this site...    Stay safe!    Don't trespass!    Pack it out!

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'Watefalls of Ontario' is a Book!

'Waterfalls of Ontario' © was first published by Firefly Books in 2003, again in 2011, and most recently in 2018. It was written by Mark Harris and illustrated with photos by award-winning photographer, George Fischer.

One part guidebook and one part coffee table book, this remains the ultimate resource for waterfalls in Ontario. You can find it on sale in major book stores as well as many smaller shops. Sometimes it is on sale at Provincial Parks stores, MEC, Costco, etc.

The book retails for $29.95. UPDATE Summer 2021 The book is in very short supply! Thanks to all that purchased a copy. More copies are on the way and will hopefully be in stores by late September.

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The book includes George's full page photos, descriptions, and accurate driving directions. Waterfalls are divided into the same eight regions that are used on this web site. Maps and an inventory table give you hundreds more ideas for exploration. An introduction to 'waterfallology' helps you to understand what you are seeing.

You can get a glimpse inside the book by checking out the listing on Firefly Books' promotion page.

If you like this web site, please show your support and pick up a copy of the book.

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