Waterfalls Of Ontario

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   You must read the 'Terms of Use'    before using this site...    Stay safe!    Don't trespass!    Pack it out!

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There's a lot more to see than just the waterfalls of Ontario! Here are some of my favourite resources for exploring our neighbourhood. Most are grass roots, run by people that enjoy hiking, geo-tourism, cultural heritage and more. Also, of course, find waterfalls beyond Ontario.

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Ontario Hiking

A very popular and growing web site, run by Lauren Yakiwchuk. Tonnes of ideas for hikes across Ontario, as well as tips for hiking, gear, apps, etc. A rapidly growing Facebook Group A> also supports this project.

Ottawa Valley Whereabouts

A very active blog looking for just about anything that you can find while driving around the Ottawa Valley. Old barns, bridges, churches, dams, and... waterfalls, all shown on a google map. There is also a book of the same name.

Ontario Dams and Water-Powered Mills

A relatively new Facebook group with a focus on water power. If you spend a lot of time around waterfalls, you will no doubt notice nearby mills and hydroelectric plants. These can be cool, and this group shares lots of information and photos.

Rock Watching

An interesting blog about visiting spots of geological interest across Ontario (and beyond). Fellow physical geographer, Michael Gordon, is also the author of a book of the same name. The blog appears to be dormant right now.

Historic Bridges, Ontario

Part of a North America-wide web site, this gives photos, descriptions and google maps of historic bridges across Ontario. This might just make you change your route to the next waterfall.

Best Historic Bridges

A more modern, shorter list of interesting bridges to visit (and walk across) in Ontario.

Ontario Caves.com

A guide to some of the caves that have been discovered in Ontario. Be aware that most locations require more advanced skills and aren't for family picnics! Still interesting to read.

Northern Ontario Geotours

Run by the province of Ontario, these short fact sheets are full of colour photos, graphics, and easy explanations about interesting geological features that you can visit. Historic mines, fascinating trails, and of course, waterfalls!

Ontario Historical Mills

A graphical catelogue of some of the old mills in Ontario. Short descriptions and accurate google maps to each site.

Ontario's Historical Plaques

A long-running web site to catelogue all of Ontario's roadside historical plaques. Run by Alan Brown, who is attempting to photgraph all of those blue historical plaques that you may see on your travels.

Rock Ontario!

This is a great book has tonnes of photos, colourful diagrams and easy explanations. Great for those with an interest in Ontario's geology, even if they have no formal training. This web site offers the book as a PDF.

More Waterfalls

Hamilton, City of Waterfalls

A popular web page that has been promoting waterfalls in the Hamilton area for years. Tips for visiting Hamilton's many, many waterfalls, including lots of photos. An associated Facebook Group can be fairly active at times.

Waterfalls of Northern Ontario

This Facebook page was developed by Gary Leclair. Gary is extremely knowledgeable about the many little-known waterfalls around the greater Sudbury area. Lots of photos, with GPS coordinates for finding. Some of these are little known 'hidden gems'.

North of Superior Waterfalls

A very small Facebook group but one that can be very useful for people living and traveling in the north. Some members are very knowledgeable.

Les Chutes de Quebec

As far as I know, there is no web site dedicated to waterfalls in Quebec. This group, run by Yvan Boudreault, is the next best thing! Tonnes of photos. If you haven't vacationed in Quebec, I highly recommend it.

Waterfalls of the Niagara Escarpment

This Facebook group is laser focused on the waterfalls along the Niagara Escarpment. Run by long-time waterfaller and photographer, Rob Wazny. Many people prefer these classical, attractive waterfalls to the jumbled messes that occur on the Canadian Shield. And the drives are much shorter for those of us in southern Ontario :-) A great resource, with helpful members.

World Waterfall Database

A mammoth project of insane proportions by long-time remote collegues, Bryan Swan and Dean Goss. I've spent hundreds of hours on my own web site, but no longer feel guilty after seeing this page! It maps and describes thousands of waterfalls across the world, including many more in Ontario. It does lack directions and photos, but still serves as a useful resource.

Go Waterfalling!

An oldie but a goodie. Online for a long time, this provides very good directions, reviews and photos for waterfalls across the Great Lakes Watershed. This includes Ontario and a number of states in the northeast and midwest. I don't think that it has been updated in some time, but it remains a great reasource that is linked from many other sites.

Western NY Waterfall Survey

One of the main inspirations for me to create 'Waterfalls of Southern Ontario', the predecessor of Waterfalls of Ontario. Scott Ensminger started promoting waterfalls in New York State about 10 years before I started in Ontario. If you regularly cross the border from southern Ontario, check out his book Waterfalls of New York State.

NY Falls

A more modern web site for finding waterfalls in the empire state. Matthew Conheady has created a great Google map to guide you to waterfalls in his home state.

Waterfalls of Michigan

Greg Kretovic has written a great guidebook for Michigan. His blog gives you a taste of some of the unique-looking waterfalls that are featured in the book.

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