Waterfalls Of Ontario

   You must read the 'Terms of Use'    before using this site...    Stay safe!    Don't trespass!    Pack it out!

   You must read the 'Terms of Use'    before using this site...    Stay safe!    Don't trespass!    Pack it out!

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What do the dots mean?

Larger dots identify 'better' waterfalls. The smallest dots identify waterfalls of limited interest. Green dots identify waterfalls that are easiest to visit. Yellow dots show challenging access, either due to an extra long hikes, poor paths, or no path at all!

Some waterfalls with yellow dots ~may~ be on private property, and you may only be able to see them from the road. Red dots show waterfalls that can only be visited by boat or canoe. Read more about the rating system.

No Trespassing!

This map does NOT give you permission to trespass. Efforts have been made to exclude waterfalls from private property. However, there is no guarantee that this map is 100% accurate, and conditions can change over time. You must adhere to any signs that you encounter. Please contact me if you see any errors, or believe that a site on this map was included on private property by accident.

You're missing some waterfalls...

Yes, this map is missing lots of waterfalls! Google includes privately-owned waterfalls that we cannot visit.A list on this page identifies waterfalls that are located on private property.

The map also excludes named spots where waterfalls no longer exist. Some waterfalls have been flooded by the construction of reservoirs and others have been destroyed by the construction of hydroelectric dams. For the most part, if you don't see it on this map, you can assume that it isn't worth visiting.

Some of the waterfall names are placeholders as no official name was available. Many locations do not appear on any official maps, and coordinates were determined by aerial photography, site recon, or tips from users like yourself.

As of 2021, it was decided to map just those waterfalls for which a detailed information page and/or photo is available.

How was this map made?

"The Ontario Waterfalling community built this custom map together!"

The points on this custom map are the product of over twenty years of research. The first survey of Ontario's waterfall locations for recreation purposes was presented on earlier editions of this web site and published in our book.

Waterfalls were found by travel and exploration, by examination of topographic maps and aerial photographs, and by lots of input from users like you!. This is not just a copy of an official government map; it's better!

For interest, here is a copy of one of the 2012-era maps , although it was last edited in 2016.

Special Acknowledgement

The newest implementation of this map was produced by Dan Good of Virtual North Inc. Over the years, Dan has graciously provided many solutions to my web development roadblocks. He believes in grass roots promotion of local ecotourism. I was only comfortable with updating the existing map once I knew that he was on board. Thanks again, Dan!

Adapted for use here by Waterfalls of Ontario with permission from code supplied by Virtual North Inc., copyright © 2021

Finally, thanks to the broader Ontario waterfall community for helping to build this resource for everyone!

Just in case the map is not loading, this is what it looks like!